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Sheila Lord

Founder and Director of BMR Health and Wellbeing

Sheila is the Founder and Director of BMR Health and Wellbeing.

Sheila supports Senior Leaders, Health and Safety and HR professionals to develop systemic and measurable mental health programmes aligned to ISO 45003 to prevent psychological harm and promote flourishing.

Having spent 30 years working in Supply Chain, Quality Management and Operations Sheila applies her knowledge of QMS frameworks, Lean and Kaizen approaches to implement systemic Mental Health programs that demonstrate a measurable ROI.

“Workplace wellbeing strategies need to go beyond traditional approaches of fruit bowls, yoga, and MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) training alone. You can’t magic away employee stress by focusing on “fixing” the employees. They are not the problem. The root cause is often the workplace environment or work design and is often very simple to identify and address with the right approach.”

ISO45003 Psychological Health and Safety - A systemic and integrated approach to workplace wellbeing

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