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Dr Stewart Desson PhD MSc MSc BSc FCIPD

CEO and Founder of Lumina Learning

Stewart is an experienced Business Psychologist, the CEO and founder of Lumina Learning, and the author of the innovative Lumina Spark psychometric.

After working for 15 years for British Airways, Stewart was interested in creating psychometrics that go beyond the limits of personality type testing which puts people into boxes, and instead embrace psychological diversity. He has shown that adaptive and ‘maladaptive’ traits can be measured at both ends of the Big Five’s polarities and in 2017 he obtained a PhD in Business Psychology from the University of Westminster. Stewart wanted to develop a non-dichotomous programme which can measure people’s personalities in a variety of situations. The result is the hugely successful Lumina Spark which is used with clients across the globe.

Stewart has a passion for building a community of like-minded professionals innovatively applying Lumina Learning’s suite of Products and Solutions. Stewart has designed and delivered a broad range of training programmes and runs these internationally. He is particularly focused on looking at how personality can help and hinder people’s application and effectiveness in terms of innovation, leadership, engagement and dealing with pressure.

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Celebrating and supporting Neurodivergence as a Superpower in the changing world of work
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