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Talogy formerly known as PSI Services
Company bio:

We are talent experts. We are psychologists, data scientists and HR consultants who screen, select, develop, and engage talent worldwide.
With psychology at our heart and technology at our fingertips, we enable you to make data-driven people decisions.
Delivering over 30 million assessments in more than 50 languages annually, we improve work everywhere and anywhere.
The power of PSI (Talogy) solutions lies at the intersection of our organisational strengths – the 3 pillars of PSI (Talogy):
• By understanding your strategy and goals, we drive results through your people.
• Our knowledge and experience gets to the heart of your talent challenges.
• We have a unique team of I/O Psychologists, Data Scientists, and HR Consultants.
• We have the largest portfolio of assessment tools. We understand how to transform data into meaningful outcomes.
• Our rigorous science and innovative methodologies underpin all that we do, as do our one billion data points.
• We provide flexible solutions using our modular configurable technology. We enable you to deliver an engaging candidate and user experience. We leverage analytics and data science to advance the way we assess, develop and inspire your people.
• PSI (Talogy) owns the largest portfolio of globally proven assessment tools that can be configured to your unique business needs, all delivered via a technology strategy that supports your process needs provides actionable information to promote sound decisions, and offers a great user experience.

Unlock talent potential. Realise your ambition.

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