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Zircon Be Talent
Company bio:

Zircon and BeTalent became one company on the 1st April 2020. We work together to provide expert consultancy and innovative technology solutions under one roof. Zircon provides talent consulting and BeTalent the platform and the technology.

Our digital-first approach to talent is based on years of research within organisations, alongside a foundation of psychological theory and thought leadership in the talent arena.
Zircon BeTalent are research-led and regularly publish White Papers on the big questions in talent management. In addition, we author blogs, host leadership events, industry discussion groups, and bring in expert speakers for our clients to create disruptive thinking. To access our White Papers please go to:

Dr Amanda Potter our CEO, is a huge supporter of the ABP and had attended almost every conference. She is a media spokesperson on the topic of talent and potential. Our work in an ongoing project with the Environment Agency has recently been quoted in the New York Times debate on Organisational Climate Change as being the catalyst that “exposes vulnerabilities and requires courage”.
Our psychometricians and technology experts have developed the BeTalent portfolio of products, building on our insights and helping clients select and unlock the talent required to achieve organisational strategy. The BeTalent portfolio are each used for assessment, development and coaching. The BeTalent psychometric questionnaires and digital card sort exercises include:

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