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79% of employed adults commonly experience at work-related stress, with 43% of employees losing sleep due to work-related stress, but what’s the difference between stress and incompetence? How can you ensure employees are not isolated and that their wellbeing is maintained during the return to work, post COVID-19?  Also, wellbeing and their outputs, is this the responsibility of the organisation or the individual?

Wellbeing speakers:

Dr Alexandra Dobra-Kiel

Behavioural Science Expert, Deloitte
The future of work is hybrid.
2021-10-04 14:00:00

Margaret Doyle

Chief Insights Officer & Partner, Deloitte
The future of work is hybrid.

Stewart Desson

Beyond… Lessons from COVID-19 about wellbeing, diversity, purpose and connectivity

Rob Baker

Founder, Tailored Thinking.
Job crafting

Rosie Hancock

Consulting Psychologist and Doctoral Student, PeopleWise and the University of Hertfordshire.
Thriving (not just surviving) in VUCA environments

Maria Gardner

Chief Business Psychologist, Psychology Works.
Wellbeing: prevention, detection, support and management

Dr. JJ Kennedy

Professor, Canterbury Christ Church University.
Neuroscience: the do’s and don’ts of how to maintain a healthy brain, mind and body in times of change and distress

Dr. Audrey Tang

Award-winning Business Author
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