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It is just over 5 weeks to our annual ABP Conference.  The theme this year is looking back over the last 20 years and looking forward to the next and covers 20 themes. This is in recognition of the 20 year anniversary of the ABP.

This year we are doing things very differently, we have our very first online conference, covering 20 themes and it’s over a 2 week period.  We asked at the beginning of the year for suggested themes and speakers and we have used this information to formulate the basis of our conference timetable.

The conference team has embraced hosting the conference differently and still wanting to ensure that key aspects of the ABP Conference are retained.  This has included having excellent speakers, ensuring we have networking opportunities in between talks and finally our annual awards.

You will be able to hear about the shortlisted awards in between the speakers and we have our award ceremony on Wednesday 14th October at 6pm.  So we will be taking the time to celebrate the amazing work the business psychologist community have achieved this year.

The conference team hope you enjoy the new format, the extensive range of  speakers and networking with our delegates.

Click here to visit the 2020 Conference website and register your attendance today!

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