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“Celebrating Excellence in Business Psychology”

The ABP remains committed to the primary purpose for which it was first established: “championing business psychology to achieve effective and sustainable performance for organisations and people at work.”  It is in this context that we have launched the annual ABP Workforce Experience Awards programme.

The Awards programme, focused on celebrating excellence in business psychology, has received unprecedented support from both influential industry leaders, who have offered to judge the awards, and business psychology practitioners who have supplied almost 100 entries in our inaugural year.

This is good news for our members and our industry.  In the entries received we have dozens of case studies which demonstrate the commercial and practical value of Business Psychology to organisations.  We’ll be sharing the best of them at the Awards Conference on 15th May and in subsequent newsletters and website releases.

A unique programme

The ABP Workforce Experience Awards are unique and distinctive in their focus on the study and practice of Business Psychology.  Whilst many awards exist in the field of Human Resources generally and in various psychological disciplines, the ABP Awards focus directly on demonstrating the commercial and practical value of Business Psychology to organisations.

As the Association who champions Business Psychology, the ABP will ensure that as wide an audience as possible benefits from learning derived from this Programme by publicising submissions on our website, through our media partners, and directly to our membership.

“Now, more than ever before, is the time to be a member of the ABP and of our community of professional practice,” says Clodagh O’Reilly, Chair of the ABP.  “When Peter Cheese announced to over 100,000 CIPD members last year that HR practitioners need to be, ‘… informed by a real understanding of the science that shapes the inner behaviours, motivations, and learning of the people we employ,’ I knew our time had come.”  It’s not news to any ABP member, past or present, that organisations are improved by the application of science in their workforces, but it’s nice to have new evangelists for the message.  Peter Cheese was, after all, recently voted the most influential thinker in HR in the UK.

She continues, “As an Association we take our responsibility to ‘champion business psychology’ seriously and we’re looking for more practical ways to do this.  Our members will have heard recently about the new book we’re publishing and our new monthly training courses.  And of course we have a great legacy of regular speaker events and an extremely popular annual conference.  But there’s something really special about the Awards in that we’ll have on record, collected and distributed, details about how practitioners are using business psychology to achieve effective and sustainable performance for organisations and people at work.  That will boost our ability to ‘champion’ business psychology significantly.”


Find out more

View the shortlisted finalists here.

You can register for the 2014 Awards conference, taking place in London on 15th May, here.

The ABP welcomes as members Psychologists, students and other business people who apply, or are interested in, Business Psychology. You can apply to join online at any time.

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