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We sat down with the chair of the ABP board and the founder of STEN10, Ben Williams, who has designed a practical people assessment course for business practitioners. The webinar series will start on 3rd September and help you develop core skills and confidence around all aspects of people assessment at work.

You are still in time to book your place, if you want to register CLICK HERE


Ben, thank you for taking the time to chat with us! I guess the first question from us would be why did you come up with the idea of a people assessment series?

It’s always a pleasure, thank you for giving me this platform! If I think back about my experience, I feel I learned most of what I have ever needed to know about being a business psychologist in my first 6 weeks of employment, where we covered a different topic every week relating to assessing people at work. With this series, my aim was to distil this still further into a series of one-hour webinars that cover the basics for those just starting out and also the cutting-edge for those with a little more experience.

What are common mistakes people make when selecting and assessing people in your experience?

The main mistake is allowing a weak ‘chink’ in an otherwise sound assessment process to appear. For example, spend a lot of time and resource designing a fantastic assessment centre, but then only provide assessors with an hour’s webinar briefing. Or devise a set of clear, measurable competencies but then insist upon too short a time-frame to assess them in.

What do you think is the most fascinating part of your job?

I’ve always been fascinated with being able to ‘put a number to’ something as nebulous and hard to fathom as the human mind. Whether its 7 ‘chunks’ of memory, 5 factors or personality or even a ‘Sten 10’ performance on an ability test – this is what I find personally most rewarding. Exploring, measuring and mapping out the relatively uncharted territory of the human mind!

What can people expect from this Webinar series?

It is a practitioner-focused series with lots of valuable take-aways in every session. Apart from the content, there are lots of real examples and anecdotes from my 20 years in the profession. After each webinar, you can turn to a private LinkedIn group to pose questions and to discuss real issues that you are facing – I will respond to queries but the community does too! There is a social meet-up at the end to celebrate covering the full series where networks are built, jobs have been offered and business has been won. Three years on, and the first cohort are still in touch – which is testament to the usefulness of the network the webinar series brings.

Thank you, Ben! Book your place and explore Practical People Assessment with the team at Sten10, starting September 2019! If you want to register CLICK HERE

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