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It is common knowledge that Business Psychology is a wonderfully broad discipline with so many applications, but this can also be a double-edged sword. A significant number of ABP members recently expressed a level of uncertainty that has created a barrier when transitioning between training and the workplace, and effectual career development. The scope of work where business psychology can be applied is overwhelming, and no doubt brings with it challenges when trying to refine and map a broad spectrum of acquired knowledge.

The editorial team emulate the essence of business psychology and working across its professional landscape. We come from a range of backgrounds with some having specialised in Business Psychology immediately after completing undergraduate study and others having previously worked across various industries (i.e. marketing, hospitality, IT etc.) before deciding to retrain as a business psychologist. To learn more about members of the team please click here.

Our team members have gained experience in student engagement and as head careers coach, and have seen first-hand how critical both career support and the development of career self-management skills are. It is clear how important networking and personal brand building is, but we have also recently found there is a desire for greater support on how best to go about this. For instance, the team has reflected on the value we as psychologists can offer over the HR or L&D professional who, according to their professional social media profiles, already seemed to have several psychometric accreditations to their name. Without a set of these practical ‘tools’ at our disposal or any formal consultancy skills, it is hard initially to mentally traverse the gap between previous careers and that of a Business Psychology role.

Some of us have also spoken to several recent graduates who feel that the lack of a clear, structured career path and challenges of finding that first psychology job (especially if they live outside of London) is frustrating. A business psychologist recently received over a hundred replies to their LinkedIn post about the idea of a talent agency for recent graduates. This demonstrates a clear need for more graduate and early-career support. Worryingly, there were also a few mentions of challenges for BAME graduates within the field. We hope that through our work at the ABP and this blog, the team can address these gaps and make a significant contribution.


Following a review of our recent survey, several key insights emerged. Principally, we wanted to find out if our target audience of students and early-career practitioners would find an exclusive blog space useful. The comeback was a unanimous YES.

So, what did you tell us? Unsurprisingly, results from the survey revealed a broad range of interests. Those that topped the list included; OD, talent management & assessment and health & wellbeing. We therefore expect to cover these topics (and more) in greater detail over the coming months. Not only will you be given a realistic view and the confidence to make informed decisions regarding next steps towards your professional development, but also an opportunity to expand your knowledgebase of current trends.

Our Vision
Ultimately, we want work environments to benefit from relevant psychological skills and knowledge. We will therefore aim to offer you a range of ideas to inspire, inform and accelerate you career choices and development.

Our Mission
THE ABP’s overarching objective is to provide a home and voice for current and emerging business psychologists. The USE Blog Team will therefore provide its subscribing community with relevant and accessible content to enhance the engagement, learning and development of the next generation of business psychologists.

Our Values
So far, the editorial team has worked extensively to translate its vision, mission and a review of the survey responses into distinct and relatable values. It was important for us to define the blog’s core values as this helped align our objectives with your specific needs. The following values emerged to help clarify what and how the blog aims to achieve its goals:

ADVANCEMENT – It is important that the blog provides users with a space where they can not only learn and develop their skills but also find content that is relevant and stimulating which enables them to advance their careers.

LEADERSHIP – The team is passionate about sharing their experience and expertise with others who are starting their careers in Business Psychology. It will also invite our readers to use this space and do the same.

COMMUNICATION – The blog will provide a safe space to connect users to enable open discussions of ideas and challenges.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE – Business psychologists come with an eclectic mix of skills, attributes and experiences. The blog will share some of the great work they do and how it impacts millions of people worldwide.

As a starting point, the current format of the blog will run as a pilot over the next few months. So, watch this space for a series of articles, each curated with the most relevant and compelling content. We will then conduct a review and see how we can incorporate other stimulating and engaging features as suggested by you in our student survey. Right now, however, we are ready to advance, lead, communicate, make a difference, and to do this, we want to hear more from you. Your feedback will help us provide the service you want and need. So why not get in touch with your thoughts, opinions and ideas.

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