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Steve Apps

“Having been on the ABP Board for 6 years, first as Treasurer and then Chair, I have decided to hand the reins on. The Board unanimously voted Ben Williams to take those reins and I am fully supportive of that decision. Ben has vast knowledge and experience in the world of Business Psychology and is fully aligned to the ABP vision. He has already contributed greatly to the ABP’s growth through initiatives such as re-launching the newsletter and creating a webinar series ‘Certificate in practical people assessment’. All that aside, he’s a thoroughly nice bloke!

I will continue as an ABP Board Member, focusing on our newly launched Business Psychologist Certification. I have learnt a huge amount from my two ABP roles and we seem to be a few steps closer to our vision. I am quietly optimistic that Ben’s leadership will continue that journey towards being the home and voice of Business Psychology.

Thank you everyone who has contributed to this vision during and before my time. It really is remarkable what can be achieved with a bit of shared effort, some serious conversations and a smile.”

Steve Apps, ABP Chair 2015-2018

Ben Williams

“I am extremely honoured by the opportunity to be your Chair. I would like to thank Steve for the sterling work he has done over the past three years in getting our organisation into its current buoyant state and for Chairing with such wisdom and diligence. Thank you too for the glowing character reference: the cheque’s in the post!

Stepping into the role of Chair I am filled with enthusiasm by the thought of all that our Association does, and all that we could do. Our strong links to business and academia mean that our events and resources aim to hit that evidence-based yet pragmatic ‘sweet spot’ that distinguishes what we offer for our members. As a chair, my first two priorities are to focus upon member benefits and promoting business psychology beyond our industry, so that we have a real impact upon the world of work.

I look forward to meeting and conversing with as many of our members as possible – do please come up and say hello at ABP events and let me know what you would like the organisation to do for you.”

Ben Williams, ABP Chair

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