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Awards Categories

The Association for Business Psychology’s Awards programme offers a unique and distinctive platform for the celebration of excellence in Business Psychology.

Whilst many Awards programmes exist in the field of Human Resources generally and in various psychological disciplines, the ABP Awards focus directly on demonstrating the commercial and practical value of Business Psychology to organisations.

The ABP is inviting Award submissions in each of the categories described below. Individuals, teams and organisations can enter (“Entrants”). External consultants/suppliers can enter with or on behalf of their clients. By making a submission to the Awards, Entrants agree to be bound by the Terms of the Awards Programme (available below).

Excellence in Selection & Assessment

This category aligns to the ABP’s Certification Framework for best practice associated with defining role requirements, applicant attraction, assessment tools/measures, assessor training and assessment innovations, for example.

Entrants to this category are invited to demonstrate rigour and/or innovation in the field of assessment, broadly defined, for an individual, group or organisation. Entries might include interventions such as those associated to i) valid measurement of characteristics related to success in the world of work, ii) the use of technology in the delivery of assessment/s, and/or iii) effective ways of delivering the results of assessment processes.

Excellence in Organisational Effectiveness

This category aligns to the ABP’s Certification Framework for best practice associated with change management, people strategy, leadership development and succession planning, team and group development, and culture related interventions, for example.

Entrants to this category are invited to demonstrate successfully supporting an individual, group or organisation in i) becoming aware of an opportunity or need for change or development, ii) assisting through a change, development or progression process, and/or iii) embedding effective and sustainable organisational strategies.

Excellence in Learning & Development

This category aligns to the ABP’s Certification Framework for best practice associated with the psychology of learning and development, facilitating the effective use of tools to establish learning and development needs, associated interventions for upskilling, training and career development, feedback processes, coaching, and performance management, for example.

Entrants to this category are invited to demonstrate how a relevant intervention, such as coaching, training or performance management, has had a significant impact on the success of an individual, group or organisation. The rationale for the approach chosen will be considered, as well as the strength of the evidence collected to demonstrate effectiveness and impact.

Excellence in Behavioural Interventions

This category aligns to the ABP’s Certification Framework for best practice associated with understanding human behaviour.

This may include influencing and persuasion, improving decision-making, addressing social and political factors within an organisation, conflict management, or marketing interventions targeted at influencing consumer behaviour, for example.

Entrants to this category are invited to demonstrate desirable variation in behaviour against a relevant business or performance metric.

Entries might include, for example,
i) realising an opportunity for performance or process improvement,
ii) increasing cultural impact or embeddedness, and/or
iii) resolution of an organisational challenge.

Excellence in Workplace Wellbeing

This category aligns to the ABP’s Certification Framework for best practice associated with human motivation and workplace well-being.

This may include motivation at work, diversity, inclusion, welfare, health and safety, occupational stress, and workplace design and ergonomics, for example.

Entrants to this category are invited to demonstrate how they have dealt with the apparent juxtaposition of employee health and wellbeing and business performance.

Entries might include, for example, rigour and/or innovation in
i) improving health, wellbeing, or work-life balance,
ii) fostering a positive, inclusive culture and psychologically safe worker experience and/or
iii) improving diversity, creativity, productivity, engagement or retention.

“Best” Categories

Introduced to the ABP Awards in 2023, we will retain the “Best” categories for awards this year including:

  • Best Business Psychology Supplier of the Year” for individuals or organisations selling a Business Psychology-informed product or specialist service
  • Best Business Psychology Consultancy of the Year” for organisations consulting to clients on the basis of their Business Psychology expertise
  • Best In-house Business Psychology Team/Practitioner of the Year” for individuals or teams, working within an organisation, who apply Business Psychology in their consulting or service delivery
  • Best Business Psychology Practitioner of the Year” for individuals delivering Business Psychology-informed products or specialist services in any environment
  • Peter Saville Rising Star Award”, which is our category for best achievement by an early career Business Psychologist (from student up to two years in practice)

Please note: in many cases we receive a lot of submissions in each category which allows us to create sub-categories of the broader categories listed above. Once you enter the Awards, you agree to allow us to allocate your submission to the single most relevant of the final categories available.

Assessment Criteria

Assessment Criteria for Specialist Categories

Our Judge’s first priority will be to seek evidence of the rigorous application of Business Psychology in submissions, as demonstrated by relevant references that are included, research which is shared, validated that are models applied, and so on.

Additionally, they will apply the assessment criteria which is laid out in the ABP’s Certification Framework for best practice in Business Psychology.

This requires effectively completing the consulting cycle in the intervention including:

  • Diagnosis: Gaining a clear and meaningful insight into the issues, opportunities and/or challenges the individual/team/organisation is facing/addressing, by applying appropriate research and/or investigative methods.
  • Advice: Helping the individual/team/organisation better understand the issues and offering advice which can be trusted to be unbiased and scientifically credible.
  • Design: Creating solutions which are fit for purpose in view of the organisational objectives, accounting for practical factors and constraints.
  • Implementation: Delivering and embedding solutions, effectively influencing and facilitating adoption.
  • Evaluation: Collecting and evaluating evidence to demonstrate the benefits of the solution/intervention.

Assessment Criteria for “Best” Categories

We expect that entrants in this category will be focused on the informed application of evidence-based psychology in the world of work and demonstrating its value. The assessment criteria which our Judges apply to assessing the “Best” categories reflects the ABP’s Certification Framework for best practice in Business Psychology (as above).

They would additionally seek evidence of the ABP’s values being brought to life including inclusivity, accessibility, and building capability as well as have a track record of/reputation for promoting and advocating for Business Psychology as a discipline and an industry.

  • Inclusivity, for example supporting non-specialists in engaging with, appreciating and embracing Business Psychology, allowing for individual preference
  • Accessibility, for example making the application of Business Psychology user-friendly, accommodating diverse needs
  • Advocacy, for example promoting Business Psychology and raising awareness of its value for people and organisations
  • Demonstrating best practice, for example evidencing the use of validated business and psychology models, relevant Intellectual Property, tested theories and concepts, and evidence of successful application including, for example, peer reviews, feedback collected and internal auditing
  • Building capability, for example enabling others to increase their understanding of Business Psychology concepts and develop their Business Psychology knowledge/skills


This Awards programme is open to all who apply of Business Psychology. For the purpose of Award submissions we define Business Psychology as the study and practice of improving working life. It combines an understanding of the science of human behaviour with experience of the world of work, to attain effective and sustainable performance for both individuals and organisations.

For entries to be eligible for consideration by our Judges they must meet the following criteria:

  1. Entries must be received by the ABP on or before the entry deadline (Friday 26th July 2024). Entries cannot be submitted, amended or cancelled after this date.
  2. All submissions must be made in English.
  3. There is no limit to the number of submissions and Entrant can make. Each submission should pertain to a distinct piece of work however and must clearly state the category to which it is intended to apply.
  4. The work described must have taken place in the preceding 36 months and the results measured and reported in the submission must have been collected in the past 12 months.
  5. All submissions should pertain to work that has been carried out in, or that has included activity in, the United Kingdom.
  6. Include a meaningful response to all relevant sections of the submission form, within the word counts allowed.

By making a submission to the Awards, Entrants agree to be bound by all the Terms and Conditions of the Awards programme. If you do not agree to the Terms then you must not enter any submission to the Awards. These Terms place legal obligation on you so please read them carefully.

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