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The Association for Business Psychology’s Awards Programme offers a unique and distinctive platform for leaders in the Business Psychology field. Whilst many awards programmes exist in the field of Human Resources generally and in various psychological disciplines, the ABP Awards focus directly on demonstrating the commercial and practical value of Business Psychology to organisations.

So the benefits of sponsoring the ABP 2024 conference go beyond mere brand exposure. It opens doors to targeted marketing opportunities, and direct engagement with potential clients or partners, and notably, positions your brand as a thought leader.

To find out more about the sponsorship opportunities available email:

Why Sponsor the Awards?

Align your brand with excellence!

The ABP’s purpose is to champion Business Psychology and many businesses support us for that reason, because they recognise the value in having a professional organisation work to gain visibility and credibility for the study and practice of Business Psychology. The Awards specifically is being designed to Celebrate Excellence in Business Psychology so any business that practises in this industry can enhance its reputation by aligning itself with this auspicious Programme. And, it’s good for business! Sponsor the Awards Programme and:

  • Showcase your products and services and raise your profile within the industry
  • Connect with the participants to build relationships with existing and potential customers
  • Attract sought-after Business Psychology practitioners to your business

Sponsors recognise that all sponsorship is a gesture of goodwill to the ABP and its members. The ABP’s acceptance of sponsorship from any party does not represent the ABP’s endorsement of any party, organisation and/or products/services. Sponsorship does not provide any party/organisation with influence over the work or constitution of the ABP. Sponsorship will not form a basis for any form of preferential treatment by the ABP of any individual/party/organisation. Sponsors are actively encouraged to make submission/s to the Awards categories in the usual way, accepting the terms and conditions of participation and recognising that no preferential consideration will be given to their submission/s on account of their sponsorship status.

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