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Call for 2024 Speakers

As we delve into the fascinating intersection of business psychology, HR and the evolving world of artificial intelligence, we are reaching out to invite dynamic and insightful speakers to contribute to this galvanising event.

We are seeking thought leaders, industry experts, and professionals with expertise in business psychology, human resources, and AI to share their knowledge and insights on topics such as:

  • Humanising AI in the Workplace
  • Building Trust in Human-AI Collaboration
  • Ethical Implementation of AI in HR
  • Data-Driven Decision Making in HR
  • Leadership in Times of Uncertainty
  • Psychological Impact of AI on Employee Well-being
  • AI-Enhanced Talent Assessment and Development
  • Cultural and Change Management in AI Adoption.

Speaker submission

If you have unique perspectives, groundbreaking research, or practical strategies that align with the conference theme, we invite you to submit a proposal to be a speaker at this exciting event.

You can submit your proposal by filling in the following form. Your proposal will then be reviewed by the conference team who will be in touch shortly.

Speaker submission deadline:
28th April


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