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Whole Person Hiring

Co-op Group in the UK can trace its roots to the co-operative consumer societies established by the Rochdale Pioneers. The Co-operative Insurance Company was launched in 1867 to provide fire insurance for co-operative societies. Now, as part of the Co-op Group, it is a consumer co-operative owned by millions of members.

Like many organisations, they faced challenges in optimising their Sales Advisor recruitment process. Their filtering criteria appeared to be costing them some good candidates, and yet the time and effort required to improve their approach seemed unsustainable.

In this case study, Business Psychologists at TMP (a PeopleScout Company) worked with Co-op Insurance to re-design their assessment process for Sales Advisors. They applied the TMP ‘whole person’ model which suggests that assessing capability, passion, purpose, mindset, balance and results, in context, offers the power to predict performance.

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