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Are your decisions really your decisions?

Dr. Mark Crowder Manchester Metropolitan University 20 January 22 Are your decisions really your decisions? Even simple decisions can be a complex process, and inevitably some mistakes are made but our propensity to apply heuristics mean that the mistakes are…

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How can we build more inclusive relationships at work?

The ABP celebrated the first Face to Face event since the start of the Pandemic at the University of Westminster and were delighted to welcome Ali Shalfrooshan, Head of International Assessment R&D at PSI Talent Management. Effective implementation of a…

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Starting and Growing a HR Business

Niel Cope, People Matters HR After 20 years with Greater Manchester Police, he initially became the Force HR project manager in an Intelligence role on three Operational Divisions. He ended his police career as Headquarters HR manager. Niel then joined…

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Uncertainty Rules – Making Uncertainty Work for You

Richard Plenty / Terri Morrissey   This Is… 16th November 2021 Risks and uncertainty affect us all but we can use a number of psychological strategies to limit risks, plan ahead and reduce anxiety, argued Richard Plenty and Terri Morrissey at…

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The ABP Treasurer

We are looking for a new voluntary Treasurer to oversee the next phase of our story. You may or may not be a business psychologist yourself, but you may want to expand your network, transfer your skills and experience, and…

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Meet Josh Coelho, ABP Kickstarter

At the ABP we are passionate about nurturing the psychology talent of the future, so we’d like to introduce Josh Coelho, who is working with us as part of the government Kickstart Scheme. The scheme offers six-month job opportunities for…

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