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Event Report: “The Change Curve”

Robin Hills John Fisher “The Change Curve”   14th April 2021 “Organisations don’t change but people do!” argued John Fisher in presenting his Change Curve theory, supported by Robin Hills with his practical experience of assisting individuals to unlock their…

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Event Report: The Manchester Careers Event

The Manchester Careers Event has now been run every year at Manchester Metropolitan University since 2017 and has proved to be a popular event.  Because of the current health emergency the event was run as a webinar on 17th March…

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Member Spotlight – Hannah Johnson

    How would you describe what you do? The way I would describe what I do would be as a subject matter expert in people Initiatives, especially those involving organisational development, change, culture, employee engagement, diversity, wellbeing and learning…

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Member Spotlight – Ian Beer

Ian Beer - Personal Profile   How would you describe what you do? Our company name is “The Mojo Project.” That is what we help people and organisations find: their performance mojo. Often this involves change: guiding clients through self-awareness,…

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Member Spotlight – Gonzalo Lopez

Gonzalo Lopez – Personal Profile   How would you describe what you do? The short answer would be "translating psychology into simple and practical applications". The slightly longer one: I currently work as a Senior Consultant at BVA Nudge Unit…

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