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Member Spotlight – Ian Beer

Ian Beer - Personal Profile   How would you describe what you do? Our company name is “The Mojo Project.” That is what we help people and organisations find: their performance mojo. Often this involves change: guiding clients through self-awareness,…

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Member Spotlight – Gonzalo Lopez

Gonzalo Lopez – Personal Profile   How would you describe what you do? The short answer would be "translating psychology into simple and practical applications". The slightly longer one: I currently work as a Senior Consultant at BVA Nudge Unit…

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New Year, New Career?

With people changing jobs more than ever before and Covid19 forcing many people to a career re-think, we thought it helpful to examine the market for career aptitude tests.  A quick Google search of “career tests” and you get overwhelmed…

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Event Report: ABP Conference 2020

Theme: 20 Years of the ABP: Looking back and Thinking Forward   Announcing the opening of the conference, the Chair Ben Williams summed up the theme of the conference: Looking Back and Thinking Forward.. The 2020 conference team faced seemingly…

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What is the best career test?

Career aptitude tests are popular. A quick Google search of “career tests” and you get overwhelmed by the results which appear.  You can waste a huge amount of time and energy taking these tests, some of which are very disappointing.…

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Did Covid 19 change who we are?

Presentation by Dr Stewart Desson on research undertaken by Dr Stewart Desson of Lumina Learning, Dr. Joana Suta, and Dr. Tatiana Schifferle Rowson. 4414 people completed a 20-30 minute questionnaire from all over the world, with the objective of a…

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