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Apprenticeships Scheme

Apprenticeships: What’s holding you back?

When my firm (Pepper (UK) Limited), took on its first apprentice in 2015 it was with a philanthropic mindset.  Pepper was doing well and wanted to give back to the local community by providing learning opportunities for younger people.  We…

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Summary of the book – why it is important

Marilena Antoniadou and Mark Crowder, MMU Decent Work and Productivity Centre 21st January 2022 Book Launch: Decent Work, Opportunities and Challenges.  A collection of contributions from staff from their work at Manchester Metropolitan University. The title of the book originated…

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The ABP Treasurer

We are looking for a new voluntary Treasurer to oversee the next phase of our story. You may or may not be a business psychologist yourself, but you may want to expand your network, transfer your skills and experience, and…

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How to Support Employees Returning to the Office

After a year of remote and hybrid work arrangements, several UK companies have begun planning their return to the office. While teleworking may have advantages like more flexibility, for one, it’s still essential for many businesses to have a physical workplace…

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Meet Alex Forsythe, the ABP’s Chair

The ABP excitedly announced back in November that Alex Forsythe would be stepping up as  the new Chair of the Association. Alex has been a member of the board since 2016 where she helped to design our members Certification pathway…

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Who to follow on LinkedIn

Authors: Stephanie Toull, Jason Phillips, Shanon O'Donnell, Jess Holmes   Networking is an essential aspect of developing your career. It enables you to exchange ideas, learn from others, keep up to date with recent research and best practices, increase your…

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The Queen’s Gambit: Creativity and the Domain

Author: Leanne Kenyon Leanne is a PhD student studying creativity and innovation interventions in business at the University of Hertfordshire, having graduated from MSc in Occupational Psychology in 2019. She has spent 6 years working in Knowledge Exchange, supporting collaborations…

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