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Why does accreditation matter?

The Association for Business Psychology (ABP) was set up with the sole purpose of championing business psychology by creating an inclusive environment and a home for those with an interest in business psychology. The organisation works to provide accessible, user-friendly information, training and support, and, by raising awareness of the benefits of business psychology to individuals, teams and organisations. By building capacity through the development of knowledge and skills in business psychology and sharing examples of business psychology’s effective application and impact in the workplace. As part of these objectives we provide a robust accreditation and revalidation process for educational programmes that train and develop students and lifelong learners in the field.

The variety of backgrounds of Business Psychology practitioners has historically been both a strength and a perennial problem for the discipline. Our practitioners may not have the traditional qualifications and certifications acquired through alternative routes such as the British Psychological Society route to Chartership in Occupational Psychology. They may, nonetheless, be exceptional in their capacity to provide unbiased, scientifically credible knowledge and interventions which support healthy, productive and mutually beneficial relationships between people and organisations. As such, The ABP welcomes all who actively embrace psychology through their practice by supporting organisations to deliver programmes of study, education and training of the highest possible standards.

Learners at all levels make a significant personal and financial investment in their education and accreditation offers reassurance because it signifies the highest levels of quality control, that programmes satisfy certain standards. Accreditation ensures that the organisation has adequate resources and expertise to support student learning, and reassures employers that candidates have obtained the requisite skills, underpinning subject knowledge and abilities to be able to perform in the workplace.

Scope of accreditation:

The ABP supports organisations to deliver programmes of study, education and training of the highest possible standards. We work collaboratively with providers who are committed to developing new business psychologists through degree and postgraduate level programmes and with organisations who provide training and development that is aimed at meeting the professional development needs of our business psychology community.

For more information on accreditation please email:

Accredited courses

In addition to those listed below, the ABP is currently underway with the review and accreditation of several other university courses. Please check back soon for further listings.

Aston University, Business Psychology MSc

This fascinating course focuses on applying psychological principles to the workplace. You’ll learn how to get the best from people in a commercial environment, develop a range of practical skills. It provides the opportunity for students with an interest in psychology to study it further at a postgraduate level in a highly acclaimed Business School.

Birkbeck University of London, Business Psychology BSc & MSc Coaching Psychology

Birkbeck, University of London was established in 1823 and is a research university ranked top 25 in the UK for research excellence. Birkbeck’s motto is “in nocte consilium” (study by night) with BSc Business Psychology taught from 6-9pm by one of the oldest organizational psychology departments in the world. We have a rich history of helping students combining day jobs with a quality part-time or full-time evening education complemented by fantastic extra-curricular activities to help career growth and networking.

City University, Organisational Psychology MSc

City’s long-standing MSc in Organisational Psychology provides knowledge, skill and understanding in the core areas of organisational/occupational psychology to enhance understanding of human workplace behaviour.

Coventry University, Business Psychology MSc

The Coventry University MSc Business & Organisational Psychology provides graduates with a thorough grounding in Business Psychology research and application.

University of Kent, The BSc Business Psychology, The BSc Business Psychology with a Placement Year & The MSc Organisational and Business Psychology

The Business Psychology Bachelor degrees apply psychological theories, methods and processes to the study of individual and group behaviour in the workplace. Modules in business psychology studied from first year onwards.

The Organisational and Business Psychology MSc develops your theoretical and research-based knowledge of social and business psychology to enhance your understanding of workplace behaviour. It offers you a pathway to a career as a practitioner or academic researcher in the field of organisational psychology.

Kingston University London, MSc Occupational and Business Psychology

The MSc Occupational and Business Psychology has a role within the Business School as a specialist Master that focuses on understanding the psychology of behaviour at work. By offering the course as both a full-time programme during the week and a part-time programme delivered at weekends, we give the opportunity to include and satisfy the needs of a diverse group of students. The course is research informed but grounded in practice, since the teaching staff consists of research active academics and experienced practitioners. The focus on both research and practice runs through the course, from the lectures to the assignments, from the professional practice series to the additional training and networking opportunities offered to students.

Loughborough University, Business Psychology MSc

The MSc Business Psychology programme is especially suitable for those students wishing to develop a career in personnel functions, human resource management roles or as business consultants in areas such as selection and assessment, organisational development and change and employee development.

Manchester Metropolitan University, BA (Hons) Business Psychology

Our BA Business Psychology programme offers internationally relevant techniques to influence employee well-being, staff recruitment and retention, and workers’ behaviour. Our students gain expertise and learn how to consult organisations to foster employee engagement and retention by understanding that staff satisfaction is just as important to a business as profits.

Our programme is supported by interactive, collaborative and research-active academics who deliver through a combination of lectures, classroom sessions, workshops and seminars, facilitating debate and interaction.

University of Hertfordshire, Business & Occupational Psychology MSc

The Industrial and Work Psychology Programme includes two courses with overlapping modules, the MSc Business Psychology and the MSc Occupational Psychology. There are core courses for both in Research and Professional Skills, Psychological Assessment at Work, Learning, Training and Development and Leadership, Engagement and Motivation.

Wolverhampton University, MSc Organisational and Business Psychology and MBA (Psychology)

The MSc Organisational and Business Psychology and MBA (Psychology) are the first fully online programmes to be accredited by the ABP. Using innovative teaching methods, these online programmes have been developed to meet the needs of busy professionals looking to further their knowledge and practitioner skills in Business Psychology by studying online.

The MSc Organisational and Business Psychology will appeal to those working in a range of fields who want to enhance their skills and build their knowledge to give them a wide evidence base in Business Psychology. The programme has been developed to cover core ABP knowledge and values while allowing students to learn cutting edge theories and engage in topical debates.
The MBA (Psychology) provides core business knowledge that you would expect from an MBA programme, but additionally you will be introduced to psychological principles, theories and approaches that will help you to understand the people in your organisation, equipping you as a highly skilled leader.

University of West of England (UWE Bristol), Business Psychology MSc

UWE Bristol’s Business Psychology MSc is an interdisciplinary programme, developed and delivered by experts in Psychology and Business, so drawing from insights in both disciplines. We offer a blended learning approach through a mix of online and face-to-face learning that can allow students to learn alongside working. The programme can be studied on a full or part-time basis. We focus on an evidence-based, scientist-practitioner approach to give students the skills to incorporate both research and applied insights into their practice.

Leicester University – MSc Psychology of Work & MSc Occupational Psychology

The programme equips students with a sound knowledge and understanding of a broad range of topics in Psychology of Work. This includes not only an appreciation of existing research and theory but also the practical applications of research and the challenges related to this. Supported by academics and working practitioners the online nature of this programme makes learning more accessible to students.

University of Roehampton, MSc Occupational and Business Psychology

This MSc is accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the Association for Business Psychology (ABP). This programme can be a step towards becoming either a chartered occupational psychologist or business psychologist.
This ‘hybrid’ programme is both scientific and evidence-informed, skill-based and practical, and will teach you how to become practitioners and consultants.
If you have a keen interest in understanding how psychology can be applied to work and business, such as management consultants, executive coaches, HR practitioners, career advisors, business executives, and proprietors, then this MSc in Occupational and Business Psychology is for you.
You will cover the theoretical areas specified by the Division of Occupational Psychology of the British Psychological Society as a necessary basis for occupational psychology Chartership. In addition, you will be introduced to practical and professional issues in occupational and business psychology throughout the programme, with ‘organisational visits’ and a specific assessed component entitled ’Evidence Informed Practice’.
This course is designed for people working in organisations who wish to learn the theory and skills of applying psychology to organisations and work. This programme is most appropriate professional training for those wishing to apply the science of psychology to business and occupational settings, while retaining the academic rigours of a Masters-level programme.

Arden University, MSc Business Psychology

Arden University’s MSc Business Psychology programme has been designed from the ground up to support students in developing key practitioner skills. With a focus on contemporary research, authentic assessments and benefitting from a multi-disciplinary academic team, the programme is an attractive option for anyone interested in pursuing this fascinating branch of Psychology.

University of East London, MSc Business Psychology

Our business psychology course is a one-year course, or two years part-time. It combines applied psychology with a strong professional emphasis, and is highly attuned to the needs of working professionals, giving you a competitive edge as you pursue your career as a practising business psychologist.

University of Westminster, MSc Business and Organisational Psychology

Our problem-based approach to teaching means you’ll be equipped with the thinking and analytical skills necessary to take a confident and proactive approach to your career in business and organisational psychology.

Teaching methods will include work-based activities, live briefs from industry partners, intensive workshops and online learning sessions.

You’ll also have the opportunity to gain valuable business awareness whilst combining practical work experience and theoretical study by taking part in an optional 6-12 week work internship.

James Cook University, Singapore, Master of Psychological Science (Majoring in Business Psychology)

James Cook University’s Master of Psychological Science (Majoring in Business Psychology) equips learners to understand the human dimension of the challenges they will face as current or future leaders.

The programme core has a strong focus on application of psychological principles to solving problems and achieving desired outcomes across a variety of organisational and professional settings, while the business psychology major applies psychological theory and research practice to core business activities such as management, human capital, and marketing.

Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to perform effectively across a range of business functions, particularly as leaders and managers.

The Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences is an Independent Higher Education College whose programmes are validated by Quality Qualifications Ireland (QQI). It is the first Irish College offering programmes accredited by ABP.

The Masters in Work Related Psychology programme as well as the embedded programmes of MA in Work-Related Behaviour (with Leadership & Management); MA in Work-Related Behaviour (with Entrepreneurship); MA in Work-Related Behaviour (with Mentoring & Coaching) and the MA in Work-Related Behaviour (with Customer Relationship Management) are a suite of innovative programmes designed to support the development of evidence informed knowledge and competence,  focussed on the theories and application of psychological principles in understanding organisations and the psychology of behaviour at work.   They may be taken over 3 Semesters on a Full-time basis or 5 semesters on a Part-time basis). They comprise 90 Credits (ECTS) on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). Programmes may be taken either on-campus or through blended learning to facilitate choice for learners. See Programme details on the College Website

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