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As part of the Association’s commitment to championing Business Psychology, the ABP has responded to requests to establish a process for accrediting University courses.

ABP accreditation is a sign of the credibility of the programme as presented and refers to the appropriateness of the content of a Business Psychology course. Specifically, the course is certified as demonstrating that its content covers:

  1. The theory of Business Psychology as applied to individuals, groups and organisations
  2. The practice of Business Psychology as applied to individuals, groups and organisations

Applicable to both Msc and MA courses, a Masters degree accredited by the Association of Business Psychologists gives students confidence that the course provides a suitable pathway to the discipline of Business Psychology.

Please contact for more information if you wish your course to be accredited.

Why does accreditation matter?

The Association for Business Psychology (ABP) was set up with the sole purpose of championing business psychology by creating an inclusive environment and a home for those with an interest in business psychology. The organisation works to provide accessible, user-friendly information, training and support, and, by raising awareness of the benefits of business psychology to individuals, teams and organisations. By building capacity through the development of knowledge and skills in business psychology and sharing examples of business psychology’s effective application and impact in the workplace. As part of these objectives we provide a robust accreditation and revalidation process for educational programmes that train and develop students and lifelong learners in the field.

The variety of backgrounds of Business Psychology practitioners has historically been both a strength and a perennial problem for the discipline. Our practitioners may not have the traditional qualifications and certifications acquired through alternative routes such as the British Psychological Society route to Chartership in Occupational Psychology. They may, nonetheless, be exceptional in their capacity to provide unbiased, scientifically credible knowledge and interventions which support healthy, productive and mutually beneficial relationships between people and organisations. As such, The ABP welcomes all who actively embrace psychology through their practice by supporting organisations to deliver programmes of study, education and training of the highest possible standards.

Learners at all levels make a significant personal and financial investment in their education and accreditation offers reassurance because it signifies the highest levels of quality control, that programmes satisfy certain standards. Accreditation ensures that the organisation has adequate resources and expertise to support student learning, and reassures employers that candidates have obtained the requisite skills, underpinning subject knowledge and abilities to be able to perform in the workplace.

Scope of accreditation:

The ABP supports organisations to deliver programmes of study, education and training of the highest possible standards. We work collaboratively with providers who are committed to developing new business psychologists through degree and postgraduate level programmes and with organisations who provide training and development that is aimed at meeting the professional development needs of our business psychology community.


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Accredited courses

In addition to those listed below, the ABP is currently underway with the review and accreditation of several other university courses. Please check back soon for further listings.



Aston University, Business & Organisational Psychology MSc

This fascinating course focuses on applying psychological principles to the workplace. You’ll learn how to get the best from people in a commercial environment, develop a range of practical skills and gain the academic basis for professional accreditation from the British Psychological Society (BPS)


City University, Organisational Psychology MSc

City’s long-standing MSc in Organisational Psychology provides knowledge, skill and understanding in the core areas of organisational/occupational psychology to enhance understanding of human workplace behaviour.


Coventry University, Business Psychology MSc

The Coventry University MSc Business & Organisational Psychology provides graduates with a thorough grounding in Business Psychology research and application.


King’s College London, Organisational Psychiatry & Psychology MSc

This programme is one of the first of its kind in the UK and Europe and is designed for people wishing to gain up-to-date knowledge and understanding of psychology and psychiatry as applied to the workplace. Essentially the course covers the spectrum of mental health at work, from serious health concerns right across the board to management that encourages motivation and mental wellness.


Kingston University, Business Psychology MSc

Kingston University’s Business Psychology MSc is designed for students without a traditional background in psychology. It is taught by academics and consultants who bring their own specialisations and experiences to the course.


Hong Kong University, Certificate in Managerial Psychology PG

The HKUSPACE PgCert in MPsy programme aims to provide students with comprehensive behavioral science theories, methods and tools which they can apply to resolve behavioral problems they encounter in their work and career.


London Metropolitan University, Business Psychology MSc

The aim of the course is to achieve this by integrating a wide range of psychological theory and allowing you to practice and apply this knowledge and skills within organisational contexts.


London Metropolitan University, Consumer Psychology MSc

The course also has links with the Society for Consumer Psychology and the Forum for Business and Consumer Psychology. Guest speakers from these organisations are invited to run seminars and workshops.


London Metropolitan University, Occupational Psychology MSc

Taught by the Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing, the MSc Occ Psy enjoys an excellent employability reputation due to a a practitioner focus, development of consultancy skills, and experience of client-based assignments.


Loughborough University, Business Psychology MSc

The MSc Business Psychology programme is especially suitable for those students wishing to develop a career in personnel functions, human resource management roles or as business consultants in areas such as selection and assessment, organisational development and change and employee development.


University of Hertfordshire, Business & Occupational Psychology MSc

The Industrial and Work Psychology Programme includes two courses with overlapping modules, the MSc Business Psychology and the MSc Occupational Psychology. There are core courses for both in Research and Professional Skills, Psychological Assessment at Work, Learning, Training and Development and Leadership, Engagement and Motivation.

University of Westminster, Business Psychology MSc

The postgraduate study of Business Psychology in Europe was founded at the University of Westminster in 1998. Since its launch, this course has established itself as a leader in the field, and is the most popular course of its kind in the UK.


University of West England, Bristol (UWE), Occupational Psychology MSc

The course is supported by an experienced, research-active psychology teaching team. The programme is led by two Chartered Psychologists. The department has been running Work Psychology modules for over 10 years and has strong links with the Bristol Business School.

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