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ABP Awards Finalist Case Study: Leading the Way – no more Cobblers Children! A talent management programme for supervisors and managers combining personal and professional development

Speakers: Anne Marie Dancy, Direct Delivery Manager, and Jane Armytage, Operations Manager, Lumina Learning Ltd. Summary:  This talk will be led by Anne Marie Dancy, Direct Delivery Manager at Lumina Learning and Jane Armytage, Operations Manager at Lumina Learning. The talk will showcase the 12-month Leadership Programme developed for a provider of talent management solutions for…

Book Club: Tuning Into Smarter Judgement: From Blind Spots to Deaf Spots

Speaker: Nuala Walsh, Non-executive director, Behavioural scientist, visiting fellow at the London School of Economics, and author.   Summary:  Do you always know who or what to trust?  What are you not hearing? Your decisions matter but in today's noisy, high-speed world, leaders hear less than ever and rush to misjudgement. The result? Missed signals and a catalogue of…

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From Workplaces to Athletics – The Role of Psychological Safety in Building Leadership and Team Wellbeing.

Speaker: Lisa K. Desai, Psy.D. Chief Behavioral Health Officer at MindWise Innovations, a division of Riverside Community Care. Summary:  A healthy workplace culture is increasingly recognized as vital to driving productivity, supporting employee mental health, and boosting retention and recruitment. Psychological safety is a proven framework that recognizes the need for leaders and teams to work…

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Supporting neurodivergent wellbeing at work

Summary: Organisations are starting to understand more about the neurodivergent employee experience but are yet to focus on neurodivergent wellbeing or fully understand how work experiences may negatively impact their wellbeing. This session will cover a high-level overview of neurodiversity and deep dive into different ways to support neurodivergent employee’s wellbeing at work including:  …

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How organisations, allies, and leaders can support senior women when ‘think manager think male’ still exists: Research examining women leaders’ experiences

Speaker: Laura Howard, Founder and Psychologist at The Contented Workplace Company and Associate Tutor at Birkbeck College, University of London.   Summary: The number of women in top positions is not increasing quickly enough to swiftly address gender parity. One possible reason is that ‘think manager think male’ remains prevalent. Women, therefore, face a double…

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Using humour and playfulness to make our work more impactful. When to use it and when to steer clear.

Speaker: Charlotte Housden, Chartered Coaching and Occupational Psychologist.   Summary: Bringing humour and playfulness into our work can bring multiple benefits. These range from creating engaging and memorable learning, building better relationships, fostering creativity and innovation, providing perspective on challenges (plus increasing the likelihood of their resolution), raising levels of happiness and self-esteem, as well…

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