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Episode 4: Work and Wellbeing

This month’s podcast looks at wellbeing in the workplace. It gives us an insight into what this means and how businesses can try to create 'good days at work for everyone, everywhere'. Our podcast features an interview with Professor Ivan…

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Gamification – Ben Williams, Sten10 Event Report

15th May 2019 in Manchester, we saw ABP Chair Ben Williams, Sten10 present Gamification: benefits, progress and challenges   The costs of hiring have escalated so much in recent years that it is inevitable that recruiters are looking to increase…

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Gamification – Dr. Kiki Leutner, HireVue Event Report

15th May 2019, Manchester, Kiki Leutner - Teaching Fellow in Psychology, UCL and Consultant at HireVue.   Games and assessments are rapidly becoming synonymous with each other and games are becoming part of the "Natural Environment" for job applicants. Games…

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