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Did Covid 19 change who we are?

Presentation by Dr Stewart Desson on research undertaken by Dr Stewart Desson of Lumina Learning, Dr. Joana Suta, and Dr. Tatiana Schifferle Rowson. 4414 people completed a 20-30 minute questionnaire from all over the world, with the objective of a…

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Interview with Dr. Michelle Hunter-Hill: Training and Readiness

Dr Michelle Hunter-Hill - Head of People and Chartered Principal Psychologist Dr Michelle Hunter-Hill, Chartered Psychologist and Programme Convener for Human Resource Management at Roehampton University Business school, in discussion with Dr Joana Suta, evaluates the role, correlation and importance…

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Event Report: From Shakespeare to Gogglebox

Roy Childs - Team Focus 15th September 2020   This talk challenges some of the basic assumptions made by mainstream psychometrics when applied to self-report questionnaires.  Some key questions that it addresses are: what is the real nature of the…

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