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Ready… Steady… CHANGE

“Change initiatives are time-sensitive: The longer it takes, the greater the detrimental effect” Author: Rachele Verdini I am an MSc Occupational Psychology student with a passion for organisational change, leadership, and positive psychology. Being fascinated by the world of work,…

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Restoring Customer Relationships in a Post-COVID World

A Consumer Psychology Expert’s Guide for Retailers   Christopher Gray, Psy.D. Founder & CEO Buycology     “In these uncertain times … “ It’s a phrase used so many times since the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, that…

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The ABC of Career Management

“Making the connection between ambition and business needs”   The NexGen editorial team were thrilled to connect with Antoinette Oglethorpe, a leadership development consultant, coach, speaker and author. In our interview, Antoinette shares the ABC of career management, underlining the…

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Money Can’t Buy You Love – An Early Career Reflection

“…Insights into what really motivates me” Author: Jason Phillips (Research & PR Officer, ABPNexGen)   You can picture the scene – slotting the hard-bound copy of my undergraduate dissertation into the stuffed library labelled box, returning to my university home…

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