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Liz Mulhall-Brewer

Member Retention Lead



Liz is an ABP accredited Business Psychologist and studied at Loughborough University where she received a distinction for both her empirical research and her masters. She specialises in neurodiversity and wellbeing and her work includes coaching, consulting and training.

Liz started her career in the recruitment industry where she spent 12 years hiring both internally and externally for organisations. When working internally she was responsible for the talent strategy, internal hiring, employee engagement and retention strategies and was dedicated to ensuring a great candidate and employee experience was had by all.

In 2021 Liz transitioned into workplace wellbeing after starting her masters. She began in local government where she was the employee experience lead for 12,000 employees and later moved into financial services as a wellbeing manager responsible for the design and roll-out of their first wellbeing strategy supporting 2,000 employees. She now works as an associate business psychologist for a number of consultancies, a neurodiversity coach and runs her own company that specialises in neurodivergent wellbeing.

Liz is deeply passionate about championing wellbeing, mental health and neurodiversity at work, sharing lived experience and the impact this can have on performance, engagement and employee experiences. She firmly believes that work can be a contributor to overall wellbeing, and through careful job design, alignment to passion and strengths, everyone has the potential to attain fulfilment in their careers.

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