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We are delighted to let you know that this year the Annual General Meeting will be held on 20 June 2024, 1pm at our Annual Conference, Denham Grove, Uxbridge.  There will also be a remote option available.

During the period since the last AGM, significant work on strategy has been undertaken, including strengthening the Board and maintaining a keen focus on succession planning.

We have implemented a pillar structure which comprises four key areas: Standards, Education, Engagement, and People & Operations. Each pillar is led by a dedicated Board Member who coordinates activities within their pillar, ensuring alignment with our strategic goals.

The Standards Pillar focuses on maintaining accreditation and certification processes, while the Education Pillar oversees training, events, and content delivery. The Engagement Pillar aims to enhance member retention and advocacy efforts, and the People & Operations Pillar manages governance, volunteer experience, and operational improvements.

This structure enables cohesive teamwork, clear accountability, and efficient decision-making to drive the ABP’s mission forward.

“We help members to improve relationships between people and the organisations they create, based on an evidence-based understanding of people’s behaviour. We do this everywhere.”

As a result of this work, we co-opted some individuals during the year, some of whom we would like to ratify as Board members at this AGM, and some of whom supported us for a short period but will now step back into volunteer roles. In addition, we have proactively succession planned and identified Board members to support the pillar structure going forwards, and these are listed in the table below, in accordance with our articles. This means that we are in the fortunate position of an almost fully resourced Board in addition to recruiting 30 new volunteers this year.  If we receive further nominations for open roles, we will move to a vote. Uncontested positions will be elected.

Our list of Board members can be found on the following page.

Please put the date in your diary and register here to join us.  Instructions for the virtual meeting will be issued to all registrants separately.

List of Board proposed members and roles for 2024-2025


Name Pillar Role/Title Note
Ben Williams Engagement Advocacy Lead Co-Opted since last AGM, to be ratified
Claire Lee Operations Company Secretary Nominated by Claire Lish, Clodagh O’Reilly
Claire Lish Operations Governance Lead No change
Dawn Nicholson Standards Accreditation Lead & BPC, Vice Chair No change
Debbie Stevens-Gill Standards Certification Lead Nominated by Steve Apps, Dawn Nicholson
Dexter Winters Education Engagement Lead Nominated by Claire Lish, Clodagh O’Reilly
Ella Hatton Education Development Lead Nominated by Sanjay Bhogaita, Clodagh O’Reilly
Jo Parkes Standards Unified Framework Lead Co-Opted since last AGM, to be ratified
Liz Mulhall-Brewer Engagement Member Retention Lead Co-Opted since last AGM, to be ratified
Louise Lennon People People Pillar Lead Nominated by Claire Lish, Clodagh O’Reilly
Matt Smeed Education Training Lead Nominated by Sanjay Bhogaita, Clodagh O’Reilly
Nick Hayter Standards Standards Pillar Lead Nominated by Steve Apps, Dawn Nicholson
Sanjay Bhogaita Education Education Pillar Lead No change
Stewart Desson Education Events Lead & Treasurer No change


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