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The Progression Programme

The journey to productive working lives starts well before employment begins. This case study describes how Business Psychologists have supported Educators in investing in young people, to change their outlook and opportunities. Working with the Hackney Learning Trust, who wanted…

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Group Coaching for Culture Change

This case study explores the experience of the Human Resource Service at the University of Essex. They elected to undertake group coaching in support of their culture change agenda, with positive results.

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Enabling Leadership Transformation

London South Bank University (LSBU) was one of the lowest ranking Universities in the UK university league tables. Student numbers were falling, staff engagement was poor and staff surveys showed low trust in senior Leaders to act. In this case…

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Culture Shift for Profit

An organisation reporting ‘a clear disconnect between Managers and employees’ sought support from Business Psychologists at The Occupational Mind Group. Their honest evaluation of the organisation’s culture revealed significant potential for improvement. This case study describes the multi-level programme of…

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Caring for Carers

The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK employs many individuals who are not formally qualified medical professionals. Many of these will seek to obtain a Health and Social Care Diploma in order to subsequently qualify for roles such as…

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Developing International Citizens

The International Citizen Service (ICS) offers once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, to Volunteers from the UK and developing countries, to make a difference in the world’s poorest communities. The project shared in this case study saw UK and in-country Volunteers live and work…

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Acting Early, Changing Lives

Business Psychology can help in solving social problems. Consider how, in this case study, Business Psychologists helped increase the employability of at-risk young people, years before they would be looking for employment. The charity, ThinkForward, used Business Psychology to add…

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A Gen Z Employment Solution

Youth unemployment, underemployment and a lack of access to appropriate learning, education and career development opportunities has been a large scale and chronic challenge globally for youths, as well as businesses, education and government. Vodafone decided to take practical action…

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