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Hybrid Working and the Future Workplace

Summary: COVID-19 changed where we work. Hybrid working (working from multiple workspaces e.g., office, client sites, home, third spaces) has become mainstream. This work arrangement is preferred by office-based employees in the UK and across the EU (e.g., Davis et al., 2022; Eurostat, 2022). In this session Matthew discusses the knowledge gap that this shift…

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How organisations, allies, and leaders can support senior women when ‘think manager think male’ still exists: Research examining women leaders’ experiences

Speaker: Laura Howard, Founder and Psychologist at The Contented Workplace Company and Associate Tutor at Birkbeck College, University of London.   Summary: The number of women in top positions is not increasing quickly enough to swiftly address gender parity. One possible reason is that ‘think manager think male’ remains prevalent. Women, therefore, face a double…

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