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Dr Michelle Hunter-Hill – Head of People and Chartered Principal Psychologist

Dr Michelle Hunter-Hill, Chartered Psychologist and Programme Convener for Human Resource Management at Roehampton University Business school, in discussion with Dr Joana Suta, evaluates the role, correlation and importance of readiness in training. She explains how readiness should be incorporated in the training process, and how by doing so organisations’ training effectiveness grows.


Dr Michelle Hunter-Hill is a Chartered Principal Psychologist and Behavioural Scientist who specialises in psychometrics and personality profiling. Michelle measures and analyses behavior mainly to support talent management processes by identifying high potential candidates who have a good fit with the prospective company, and the role itself. As a psychometrician, and Verified Assessor of the British Psychological Society (BPS) Michelle designs, and delivers the BPS Occupational Test User Qualification (ability and personality). She uses a combination of psychometric tests, biographical interviewing, and psychoanalytic theory to assess senior and c-suite executives so her clients can identify who to select for specialist roles. Michelle advises and runs robust assessment procedures for global clients, which enables them to delve ‘beneath-the-surface’ of candidates to determine exactly what is driving their behaviours. Michelle’s approach to personality profiling also explores the way in which candidates are likely to respond emotionally to demands at work, because she recognises that underperformance is not always down to poor behaviour. Understanding candidate’s emotional style is important. Coupled with her specialism in identifying high potential employees, Michelle uses forensic testing to assess corporate psychopathy, “criminogenic” corporate culture, wrongdoing and deviant behaviour, namely within the banking and finance sectors.

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