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Many of you have listened to our amazing podcasts, but who is behind all of those great interviews? Introducing Dr Rob Feltham, Editor of the ABP Psychology of Work Podcast series.

“As a business psychologist I am perhaps best known historically for my research into assessment centre validity and for being an early pioneer in the development of online psychometric testing.  A large chunk of my career has been as a director of Cubiks, which we founded in the year 2000 and which joined the PSI family in 2019. During that time, we created a fantastic business culture and a strong international presence and reputation on the psychometric scene.

More recently,  I have got more closely involved with the ABP, and have been really impressed with vibrancy and energy of this organisation. Since taking over the editorial role for the ABP Psychology of Work podcast series a few months back, I have been delighted by the quality of the guests we at the ABP have been able to attract, truly inspirational thought leaders with serious credentials in applying psychology to business. The podcast audio format, around 30 minutes, is also such a convenient way of listening and learning.

The latest episode is with Chip Conley, a highly successful entrepreneur who helped guide Airbnb’s founders, and for whom an understanding of business psychology is critical to great leadership. The fast growing ABP podcast archive contains a wealth of great material, from the likes of Sir Cary Cooper, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Claudia Hammond, Peter Saville and many more. If you haven’t already, please take a look!

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