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Michelle Edmondson

Michelle is currently studying a MSc in Organizational Psychology at Birkbeck whilst leading major procurements in her day job and enjoying family life. Business psychology is a topic that touches on many areas of working life and Michelle is very much enjoying broadening her horizons having been a commercial manager for many years. She is exploring a passion for employee voices and wellbeing at work. Michelle brings high energy and actively supports fellow students. If you want to know more, please reach out to Michelle on LinkedIn or via her ABP email


Shanon O’Donnell

Shanon is currently studying a BSc in Business Psychology, alongside working for an international recruitment agency at their head office in London. Her current areas of interest include employee motivation with specific focus on goal setting at work. As a newcomer to the field of Business Psychology, Shanon brings with her an insight into what it is like to enter the industry without any experience; as a student she also raises questions about the next steps for someone thinking about life after graduation. To find out more, connect with Shanon on LinkedIn.

jess holmes

Jess Holmes

Jess is an experienced Project Manager who oversees the design and delivery of a range of innovative candidate assessment and employee development solutions for a leading talent technology consultancy. She also has an MSc in Organisational Psychology and focused her dissertation research (which was later published) on candidate fairness within selection in medicine. Outside of the assessment world, Jess is passionate about employee well-being and engagement and is looking forward to exploring these areas more within her work at ABP NexGen.

Prior to joining the world of Organisational Psychology, Jess worked in the ski industry, and is a great person to speak to if you have recently made a career change into the field. You can find her on LinkedIn here.

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