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Against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and a rapidly changing environment, one of the biggest challenges facing organisations, entrepreneurs and freelancers today is how to deliver sustainable sales growth. One thing that has not changed is the impact of salespeople on the buying decision. In a series of studies cited in ‘The Science of Selling’ (Hoffeld, D. 2016), a staggering amount identified the salesperson as a deciding factor in whether buyers chose to purchase from one vendor or another. However, the findings also revealed that most salespeople are ineffective and actually hinder sales instead of making them, with only 37% of salespeople being consistently effective.


What the course is about

Whether you identify as a salesperson or not, if your role involves generating income through clients then this course will help you learn the foundations for winning clients and growing your sales in a sustainable way. You will learn simple skills and techniques based on a combination of evidence-based research and practice that you can take back to your role or organisation and start applying immediately. Participants will also find out where to access additional reading, downloadable resources and further sales training and development opportunities.

This course is run by Huma Khan, Founder of SalesPsych Ltd who specialises in helping salespeople build the Psychological and Functional skills they need to deliver sustainable sales growth. Huma’s background includes over 20 years of commercial leadership experience working across multi-national brands. During her career she has successfully delivered over 275 cost increases and contract negotiations including retailer joint business plans, winning her two industry awards with Sainsbury’s and Nisa. Since then she has been researching and practicing Positive Psychology, has a qualification in Workplace Coaching and NLP, is an accredited Psychometric Practitioner and is also completing her MSc in Occupational and Business Psychology.


Dates and Times

Fri 23rd             Apr 2021         12.00-13.00

Fri 30th             Apr 2021         12.00-13.00

Fri 7th               May 2021        12.00-13.00

Fri 14th             May 2021        12.00-13.00



Prices (excluding VAT) are as follows:

Package Members Non-Members
Webinar (Single sessions) £45 £60
Webinar Series Offer (without a coaching session) £160 £215
Webinar Series Offer (with a discounted coaching session) £210 £265


The coaching session will be for 60 minutes and can be used to support learnings and implementation from any of the sessions or for any other agreed purposes.


Learning Objectives and Content Schedule

You will learn through the use of slides, exercises and interactive conversations with the facilitator and other trainees.


Overall learning outcomes for the series.

By the end of this webinar series you will be able to:

. Identify the four key stages in the sales cycle and how to apply them to your role/organisation.

. Discuss examples and key principles at each stage and explore their implications to your practice

. Apply some foundational frameworks and tools at each stage to transform your practice into a sales-savvy business.


PROSPECT: How to generate New Business

By the end of this webinar series you will be able to:

  • Understand the power of your brand and how to build it.
  • Learn how to build trust & rapport quickly.
  • Establish your USP and prospecting strategy.


PITCH: How to Sell your Services

By the end of this webinar series you will be able to:

  • Learn how to communicate your USP effectively and concisely.
  • Learn tips and a framework to become ‘pitch perfect’.
  • Master key techniques to overcome objections.


CLOSE: How to Close a Deal

By the end of this webinar series you will be able to:

. Determine the financial value of your services/products against the competition

. Familiarise yourself with some key principles of negotiation

. Master a few key instructions to close a sale effectively


NURTURE: How to Retain and Grow your customers

By the end of this webinar series you will be able to:

. Determine key principles and strategies to keep your clients coming back to you

. Master a few techniques to up-sell and cross-sell your services

. Use your feedbacks and reviews effectively


Once you register, you will be provided a link with instructions to join the workshop a few days before the scheduled date. Please make sure you have an internet connection and you can join the webinar through a laptop, computer or a screen-enabled device.

We advise you save this workshop in your diary once you register.

To make a booking please visit our events page here.

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