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Dr. Rainer Kurz

Rainer is a Chartered Psychologist based in London specialising in assessment technology with more than 30 years of assessment R&D experience.

Since joining HUCAMA in July 2020 as the Chief Psychologist he has been developing the HUCAMA Factors range of ability, personality, and competency assessment tools jointly with HUCAMA CEO Michele Guarini who is based in Copenhagen.

In his previous role at Cubiks, he architected half a dozen assessment tools and raised the academic profile of the company by presenting peer reviewed submissions at the Association for Business Psychology, BPS Division of Occupational Psychology, EAWOP, SIOP and ITC conferences.

At Saville Consulting he developed 50+ aptitude tests and contributed to the development of Saville Consulting Wave and the Performance Culture Framework.

At SHL Rainer developed on-screen testing and expert system solutions based on extensive validation work that culminated in the World of Work (WoW) model and the inception of the Universal Competency Framework (UCF).

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