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Awards 2021: Perspectives – How could you be the difference?

The Perspectives programme applies business psychology to policing. This sector has a potent organisational culture and is resistant to reform. Utilising critical consciousness theory to challenge existing thinking, reflect on organisational and societal oppression and empower sections of the workforce…

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Proactive Inclusion

The Civil Service Fast Stream is a talent management programme for future Leaders of the Civil Service. In this chapter we look at several years’ work undertaken by the Fast Stream recruitment team to actively include underrepresented groups in their…

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Accelerating Difference

Gender balance is not easily achieved in most organisations, and the causes of imbalance are complex and manifold. This case study shares the approach taken by GSK to improve the gender balance in their Senior roles, by systematically engaging female…

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The Inclusion Club

Commentators have often described Professional Service firms’ leadership as, ‘Pale, Male and Stale,’ with female and BME incumbents finding it difficult to break into their leadership teams’ ‘Old Boys' Clubs.’ This topic has received a lot of attention in recent…

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Intercultural Policing

London’s Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) addresses an area of 620 square miles and a population of over 9 million people. This area is currently home to over 40 communities where at least 300 languages are spoken and many faiths are…

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