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Wellbeing at Work in Schools

In schools and academies, Teacher absences and employee turnover can impact Students’ educational attainment. The United Learning group of schools recognised an opportunity to work with Business Psychologists to increase employee wellbeing and engagement to increase employee presence and thereby…

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Experiments in Wellbeing

When considering how to address issues associated with workplace wellbeing, Business Psychologists at Arup decided not to work alone. They elected to challenge themselves by working in an innovative way and including other organisations in their journey to “study and…

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Person-Centred Safety

Construction is recognised as a high-risk industry, accounting for a high percentage of reportable injuries, despite employing a small proportion of the workforce (Health & Safety Executive, 2017). Kier’s Organisational Behaviour Management (OBM) department recognised the opportunity this presented to…

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On-Track for Safety Offshore

There are high stakes for teams working offshore; safety measures can save lives and the environment. Technip wanted to drive a safety culture alongside improving performance, so they engaged their senior offshore team members (Captains, Chief Engineers, Offshore Construction Managers,…

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From Crisis to Culture Health

RSA is an insurance company that has been operating for over 300 years, employing thousands of people globally with enviable levels of employee engagement. A few years ago, however, they experienced a significant shock when “inappropriate collaboration” in their Irish…

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