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Book Club: Leading the way: helping others to navigate the seas of change.

Summary: Change is a constant and it’s at the centre of all our lives. It’s also at the heart of our work: enabling organisations and individuals to be more effective and to improve working life. As a psychologist Charlotte thought the topic was so important that she dedicated two years of research to discover why…

Book Club: Tuning Into Smarter Judgement: From Blind Spots to Deaf Spots

Speaker: Nuala Walsh, Non-executive director, Behavioural scientist, visiting fellow at the London School of Economics, and author. Summary:  Do you always know who or what to trust?  What are you not hearing? Your decisions matter but in today's noisy, high-speed world, leaders hear less than ever and rush to misjudgement. The result? Missed signals and a catalogue of error…

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