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ABP Book Club: The Authority Guide to Behaviour in Business – How to inspire others and build successful relationships

Speaker: Robin Hills, EI4Change Robin Hills is based in Manchester. He started his career working in the commercial side of the Pharmaceutical Industry before moving into Business Psychology.   He specialises in emotional intelligence using this to support career/talent management and advising on career transition.  Over the last 15 years, Robin has developed an training and…

ABP Book Club – Positive Organisational Psychology Interventions.

Edited by Donaldson and Chen. DISCOVER THE LATEST ADVANCEMENTS IN THE FIELD OF POSITIVE ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Positive Organizational Psychology Interventions: Design and Evaluation delivers a concise description and synthesis of positive organizational psychology theory, empirical research, and evidence-based applications. Based on a thorough review of the peer-reviewed literature by the accomplished and distinguished editors, the…

Free – £18.00

ABP Book Club – Decent Work, Opportunities and Challenges

Speaker: Marilena Antoniadou, Mark Crowder, Manchester Metropolitan University. This book was written following the inauguration of the new research centre at Manchester Metropolitan University, and the title arose during a conversation about the focus of the new centre. The topic is controversial: can there be any such thing as “Decent Work?” There is still little…


Book Club – Psychological Assessment in the Workplace: a Manager’s Guide

Speaker: Dr. Barry Cripps, Psychologist and Author In technical terms, psychometrics is an aspect of psychology that looks at the design, administration, and interpretation of quantitative tests so that specific psychological variables such as intelligence, aptitude, motivation and personality can be measured. Measurement, however, indicates some kind of correlation against a standard. As profile assessments…


Book Club – The Future of Recruitment: a Manager’s Guide to using Talent Analytics

Speaker: Dr. Franziska Leutner, Lecturer. Goldsmiths, University of London, and Director, Innovation Assessment, HireVue Recruitment is where organisations are shaped and careers are made, leaving a profound impact on organisations, individual careers, and society as a whole. The Future of Recruitment helps everybody interested in the world of work to understand the past, present, and…

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