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ABP Awards Finalist case study: Business Psychology for Globally Mobile Professionals: A Qualitative Research Study for ‘Peace of Mind on the Move’.

  Speaker: Heather De Cruz-Cornaire, Business/Coaching Psychologist, CafeCoach In the field of moving talent globally, how can Global Mobility (GM) Managers ensure that internationally mobile employees and their families move with ‘Peace of Mind’, and how can the workforce trends ‘at scale’ from leading industry experts guide us? This project was commissioned in the US by a…

ABP Awards Finalist Case Study: Advances in Reducing Algorithmic Bias in Hiring

Speaker: Tom Cornell, Senior Organisational Psychology Consultant, HireVue Summary: HireVue undertook pioneering research to develop and implement a new approach to reducing bias in pre-employment testing, focusing on AI-scored interviews. Multipenalty optimization is a new technique that is demonstrated to be more effective than current methods at mitigating bias whilst maintaining assessment accuracy, producing both…

Stop Motivating Your People! – Employee ownership as a reciprocation of leadership responsibility

Speaker: Trevor Hudson, Tuff Leadership Development Contrary to the prevailing wisdom in management schools and leadership development across the land, it isn’t the leader’s job to motivate people. In fact, that’s just the beginning of many things that the leader takes responsibility for, often in very subtle ways, that are getting in the way of…

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