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Authors: Stephanie Toull, Jason Phillips, Shanon O’Donnell, Jess Holmes


Networking is an essential aspect of developing your career. It enables you to exchange ideas, learn from others, keep up to date with recent research and best practices, increase your self-confidence, raise your profile, build relationships and can help you to find new employment opportunities. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many events have been cancelled or postponed making networking even more challenging for students and early career practitioners. As such, we wanted to support you by suggesting some interesting and influential people in the world of Business Psychology that you can follow (don’t connect with them until you have spoken to or met them) on LinkedIn.

  1. Rob Briner – Rob is a Professor of Organisational Psychology at Queen Mary University of London and is also heavily involved in the Evidence-based HR forum along with Craig Tindal. They host regular events where people can share their work of using evidence-based practice. The forum consists of short presentations and some discussion, and a great opportunity to network with some very forward-thinking people.
  2. Ben Williams – Ben is the founder of Sten10, an assessment design consultancy, and the former Chair of the ABP. He has vast experience in areas such as psychometric testing and leadership development across various industries.
  3. Rob Baker – Rob is the Founder and ‘Chief Positive Deviant’ at Tailored Thinking, his organisation aims to make workplaces better by supporting organisations with positive psychology training, coaching and consultancy. Rob is particularly passionate about job crafting, sharing articles and engaging in conversation around how it can empower employees and result in beneficial outcomes for their respective organisations.
  4. Rachel Lewis – Rachel is an Occupational Psychologist who specialises in health and well-being. Her dual roles as Director of Affinity Health and Lead for the Professional Doctorate in Organizational Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London, allows her to work on enhancing knowledge on how those working in stressful occupations and job roles are able to work through their challenges. Her LinkedIn profile is used to share the latest work opportunities, new insight articles and to encourage her LinkedIn followers to engage in the latest research studies.
  5. Dr Sylvana Storey – Sylvana is the Founder of Global Organizational Integrators, a management consultancy that specialises in organizational change and assisting organizations across the globe with development issues and practices. Sylvana recently featured at the ABP’s virtual conference, speaking about diversity and inclusion.
  6. Hayley Lewis – Hayley is an Organisational behaviour expert and has won several awards for her work on leadership development, culture change and digital transformation. Not only is she an experienced Chartered Psychologist, but she is also a highly successful manager, lecturer, coach, and the founder and director of HALO Psychology; a firm which helps managers to overcome tough organisational issues around people, performance and change. Hayley is passionate about using her experiences to empower leaders, particularly women, with the knowledge and confidence to tackle difficult issues themselves. With a following of over 6000 on LinkedIn, she is known for her clever sketchnotes, inspirational quotes, and for sharing the latest job opportunities and advertisements within the field.

This is by no means an exhaustive list but just a few names to help you get started. You will soon realise the world of Occupational/ Business Psychologists is quite small and luckily very friendly!

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