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This episode of POW, the Psychology of Work podcast, is a fascinating interview with Bruce Daisley, author of Sunday Times bestselling book ‘The Joy of Work’ (published as ‘Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat’ in the USA) and host of the number 1 European business podcast ‘Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat’. At the time of interview (October 2019), Daisley was the VP of Twitter for Europe, Middle East and Africa, and we spoke to him ahead of his brilliant keynote at the ABP Conference. He explains the epidemic of burnout at work, with reference to his own experiences at Twitter, and the concepts of ‘recharge, sync, and buzz’. He also discusses why psychology – and social connection – is so critical at work, the challenges this presents to remote working, and why it’s so damaging to send weekend emails. This insightful, informative and highly relevant episode covers many critical issues now being faced by businesses during the current COVID-19 pandemic, as well as longer term.

Listen to “Episode 11 – An Interview with Bruce Daisley, Author of ’The Joy of Work’ and Host of the ‘Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat’ Podcast” on Spreaker.

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