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Rachel Lewis is widely published in the field of health and wellbeing at work and has contributed to national guidance, and evidence-based tools and interventions. We are delighted to have Rachel as our guest for this special podcast to mark Mental Health Awareness Week, 2024. In discussion with Alex Forsythe, Rachel provides fresh and sometimes counterintuitive insights into mental health at work, based on her ongoing research into senior leadership disclosure. She challenges the assumption that disclosure is always A Good Thing, and highlights some of the organisational and cultural challenges in creating a safe environment for mental health disclosure across the employee population. Rachel and Alex discuss the rigidity of some HR processes, which can result in an over-institutional approach to managing ‘harmful behaviour’ such as workplace violence, bullying and harassment. In addition, Rachel highlights the need for psychologists to pay sufficient attention to their own mental health issues. The podcast begins with Rachel talking through her varied and interesting career journey to date.

Rachel provides the leadership and direction for Affinity Health at Work, as well as being a Reader in Occupational Psychology at Birkbeck University of London. Rachel has worked with leadership teams, HR professionals and at all levels of organisations across sectors to develop and embed new working practices. In 2023, Rachel was honoured to be ranked 3rd in the HR Most Influential Thinker Awards. She is also an Honorary Member of The ABP.

Alex Forsythe is an Organisational Psychologist and Managing Director of the educational and organisational consulting firm, Chirality Consulting.

Rob Feltham is Podcast Editor of the ABP.

Listen to “Episode 41: Senior leadership disclosure of mental health lived experience: A conversation with Dr Rachel Lewis” on Spreaker.

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