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In this special edition ABP podcast to mark International Women’s Day 2024, we hear from four distinguished female leaders who have been instrumental in shaping the exciting field of online learning over the past two decades. Innovation in the online learning space is transforming education to become much more: accessible and inclusive; responsive to the fast changing skills requirements of industry in an increasingly ‘digital first’ world of work; and accessible globally, including to traditionally excluded groups. Topics covered include microcredentials, blended learning, and the challenges and exciting opportunities for women working in this space.

Podcast guests:

Vicky Irwin – Senior Director of Consultancy at Times Higher Education. Vicky works with universities, governments, and businesses across the world, to help guide their higher education strategies.

Kate Lindsay – Senior Vice Present of Academic Services at Higher Ed Partners. Kate spearheads academic partnerships with Universities across the UK to build capability and capacity in the delivery of fully online learning programmes.

Jo-Anne Murray – VP Education at the University of Aberdeen. Jo-Anne has 20 years’ experience of leading online and digital education. She has worked in both the academic and the commercial sector leading digital transformation in education.

Alex Forsythe – Professor of Applied Psychology and Organisational Psychologist. Alex works with universities, governments and businesses across the world, to help guide their digital learning strategies.

ABP Podcast Editor – Rob Feltham

Listen to “Episode 39: Women Leaders in Online Learning – Alex Forsythe in discussion with Vicky Irwin, Kate Lindsay and Jo-Anne Murray” on Spreaker.

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