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David Royston-Lee and Dr Sylvana Storey have recently published an updated third edition of their highly popular book, Brand You – a readable and practical guide to developing one’s personal brand (details below). In conversation with Rob Feltham, David and Sylvana provide the rationale for, and powerful examples of, developing a strong and consistent personal brand. They also point to the pitfalls of inept personal branding and highlight how the concept of personal brand has become confused with the ‘cult of celebrity’. Authentic personal brand is grounded in purpose and values, is a source of personal energy, guides career choices and decisions, and enables others quickly to understand what one is about across the range of life’s situations. Fake personal brand is grounded in what others expect and results in a ‘cardboard cut-out’ persona which ultimately satisfies no-one and creates problems for individual well-being and adjustment.

Other topics covered in the discussion include definition of personal brand, personal reputation and reach, and the communication of personal brand through social media.

David Royston-Lee David is a business psychologist and an expert in career management for people of all ages. He has a background in business as a CEO and Management Consultant, and also as a Human Resources Director, and latterly as a senior executive coach in leadership working globally with individuals wanting to be the best version of themselves.

Dr Sylvana Storey is also a business psychologist and former management consultant, and a highly regarded expert in culture change, leadership and diversity equity and inclusion. A former management consultant and CEO of Global Organizational Integrators, Sylvana is now Global Head of People Experience for Kroll.

Rob Feltham is Podcast Editor for the ABP.

About the book:
The book van be located here:

The promo code is BRANDYOU20 and expires on 30th March 2024.

Listen to “Episode 38: Authentic Personal Branding – A conversation with David Royston-Lee and Sylvana Storey, authors of Brand You” on Spreaker.

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