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Dan Hughes is Senior Director of Research and Development at Talogy, a global talent management consultancy that specialises in selection, development and engagement of talent and whose solutions blend state-of-art psychology and technology. In discussion with Professor Alex Forsythe, Dan describes some of the key findings from Talogy’s extensive research in the leadership space. He highlights in particular: the speed with which employee’s expectations of their leaders changing, especially post-pandemic; the central role of motivation in leadership effectiveness; how leadership is enhanced through addressing core psychological needs; and how the best leaders survive and thrive under pressure and in the face of challenges.

Dan is Business Psychologist with extensive experience in leading the creation and implementation of innovative product solutions and technology to help organisations with their talent management goals. He is an HCPC Registered Occupational Psychologist with over 25 years’ experience working in R&D / Product roles in several talent management consultancies, and has developed a range of products, including personality and emotional intelligence questionnaires, SJTs, competency and leadership frameworks, digital work simulations, volume hire processes, a smartphone app to embed learning, cognitive ability tests, interview guide libraries, 360 feedback questionnaires, and job profiling tools. He has worked with clients across a variety of sectors, including the emergency services, public sector, professional services, healthcare, retail and construction. Dan regularly publishes research and thought leadership, for example at conferences such as DOP, ABP, SIOP and CIPD. He is Consultant Editor for the BPS Psychological Testing Centre test review process.

Alex Forsythe is Professor of Applied Psychology at the University of Wolverhampton, where she is Dean of the Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing.

Talogy / Strategic talent management, assessment & development

Listen to “Episode 37: How are Leadership Expectations Evolving? A conversation with Dan Hughes, Senior Director R&D at Talogy” on Spreaker.

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