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In a fascinating discussion with ABP Chair Professor Alex Forsythe, Anton shares his insights into, and predictions about, the future of work, and the role of business psychologists in a world where machine intelligence and human intelligence live side by side. Some of the “corrals” that psychologists have traditionally built around areas of their expertise are unsustainable, whilst the “deeply human” skills of psychologists offer immense future value to individuals and organisations.

Anton also shares his unique career journey and gives guidance and encouragement to business psychologists who are starting out.  He emphasises the need for psychologists to understand not only their own specialist field but also the world of business and its social/economic/political context.

Anton Fishman is an HR & Talent Tech Start-up Advisor, AI Educator, and Organisational Consultant.

Listen to “Episode 18: When a robot becomes your boss – A discussion with Anton Fishman, HR & Talent Tech Start-up Advisor” on Spreaker. 

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