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We welcome membership applications from a wide variety of people. Are you:

A fully qualified and practising business psychologist?
An HR professional?
A psychologist from another discipline who works in business?
A manager with an interest in applying psychology to your workplace?
A management consultant?
An OD practitioner?
A student in business or occupational psychology?
Or simply someone who has an interest in people’s behaviour at work?
Whatever your background we offer a level of membership to suit you.

Levels of Membership

The ABP categories of membership recognise that your interest, experience and expertise in the field of people’s life at work may have arisen from a wide variety of backgrounds. As we continue to professionalise the ABP, you are now required to be certified for certain categories of membership. More information can be found here.

General Member

(Includes General Member/Student) People who have an interest in business psychology and/or people who are currently undertaking degree level education in business psychology, or relevant social sciences (such as: anthropology, behavioural economics, political science, economics, sociology, archaeology, culture) but do not yet meet the criteria for the categories above.

Certified Business Psychologist

Demonstrates a broad understanding of some aspects of the approach, philosophy and practice of business psychology.  Individuals may work in a supportive role with more experienced colleagues or mentors, or they may function as part of a team.

Certified Principal Business Psychologist

Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the key psychological principles of understanding, designing and managing people, processes and organisations. Candidates will be experienced individuals who are likely to have leadership and or management expertise in the areas and demonstrate impact and influence.

Fellow of the Association for Business Psychology

Candidates for this level will have a sustained record of leadership in Business Psychology.  Candidates are likely to have a sustained and effective record at a strategic level.

Code of Conduct

We expect all our members to understand and sign up to our Code of Conduct for Professional Practice

Membership Upgrades

We encourage members to continue to gain both knowledge and experience, and as such we welcome applications for upgrades through the various membership categories, as you gain additional formal knowledge and depth of experience.

To submit for an upgrade to your current membership category please contact us.

We are no longer accepting new ‘Practitioner’ and ‘Principal Practitioner’ membership applications. This is because we are transitioning our membership categories to align with our Business Psychologist Certification. You are welcome to join as a General Member and we encourage you to consider applying for one of our other levels of membership through certification.

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