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By Sanjay Bhogaita, Conference Team Member
DOP Conference 2013-01

Not long unpacked from exhibiting at the Special Group in Coaching Psychology (SGCP) Conference at the end of December 2012, we suddenly found ourselves on the road again.  So, in good spirits and with bags of energy, the ABP Conference Team started the New Year with a trip up North to Chester for the Annual Division of Occupational Psychology Conference.

Whilst there we enjoyed a variety of sessions during the day with a Jazz Band and giant games thrown in for good measure in the evening.  The atmosphere really allowed people to “Connect and Contribute to Make a Difference” in a very dynamic and natural way!

Back at the stand there was great interest from the delegates about the ABP and this year’s Conference at Wokefield Park, in Reading (3rd – 5th October). The theme of “Doing More with Less” went down really well and it was fantastic to hear so many people saying they would be attending the Conference!

The Conference Dean’s and the Volunteer team have promised to make this year’s Conference like no other.  So if you haven’t booked yet you know what to do!  Just click here.

On a final note, if you do come across any of the ABP Conference Team don’t be shy to say hello, we’re a friendly bunch I promise!

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