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ABP Conference 2022

Join us for the ABP’s Annual Conference 2022, where we take stock of the world’s biggest work experiment

As we start to emerge from the pandemic, we have been presented with the ‘Great Reset’ and the ‘Great Resignation’, however we now think it is time for the ‘Great Reflection’.

The last two+ years has been one huge global experiment in relation to where we work, what we do, how we do it and even why we do it. This year’s abp conference provides a space for practitioners, academics and those with curious minds to come together, reflect on the past two years, share what worked, and what did not, in order to generate new learning we can all take forward to develop a thriving post pandemic world of work.

Have you got something to add to the Great Reflection?


As we emerge from the pandemic, there is an increasing body of evidence to show the psychological impact to employees, consumers and businesses. This evidence is from both practitioners and academics, including academic research & experiments, business case studies and consumer data.

This conference aims to bring together these often disparate sources of information to create a holistic view and a breadth of learning from the pandemic for our audience to use moving forward. If you think you have something to share that will add to our great reflection, we would love to hear from you.

The 4 Topics of Reflection


The ABP’s vision is to be widely recognised as promoting professional excellence and a community of practice in business psychology, with our annual conference being a great way for us and you, as our fantastic ABP community, to enact this vision. As such, we are welcoming speakers to talk for between 30-40 mins each, around four main topics under our Great Reflection theme, which are:

  1. The Health Reflection: How has people’s mental and physical health been impacted by the pandemic, and what has been done to respond to this? Topics could include understanding the neuroscience behind the implications of homeworking, exploring evidence to determine if ‘zoom fatigue’ is real, How do we support and include those suffering with long Covid?
  2. The Employee Reflection: How had the pandemic affected employees? What evidence is there for the great resignation? Have employee’s motivations changed during furlough? How have employees adjusted to remote working – is there a difference based on demographic, industry, tenure etc? Have certain groups been marginalised during and after the pandemic?
  3. The Consumer Reflection: How has consumer behaviour changed during and after the pandemic and what does this mean for businesses? For example, has there been a change in the amount of screen time & media consumption? Are lockdown habits such as having everything delivered to your door here to stay?
  4. The Business Reflection: Sharing of case studies from businesses on what worked and what did not in the pandemic. For example, where remote working was done well and what the ‘new normal’ looks like – is hybrid working viable? Sharing of good practice for recruiting and managing talent during the pandemic.

These streams are suggestions of the areas we would like to cover, but we welcome all applications to speak!

Apply now and we look forward to hearing from you.

Speaker submissions will close on Sunday 19th July.

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