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2020 Conference Team

Meet our 2020 Conference Team

We are busy planning our 20th Anniversary Conference and Workforce Experience Awards, meet the team who will make it happen!

Gonzalo Lopez, Conference Dean

Gonzalo Lopez has been volunteering for the ABP conference for the past three years – the first as a student volunteer and the last two years as Conference Dean, while also assuming the role of Board Member in 2020. Not only is he a fantastically brilliant psychologist, he’s incredibly well organised and technologically savvy. He’s already bringing an enthusiasm and energy to the team which is palpable. Pulling a conference team together is a challenging and time consuming role, so please do offer Gonzalo and the rest of the team your support.

Lucy Standing, Conference Co-Ordinator

Lucy is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and has nearly 20 years of experience working in house as a consultant, and now as a freelancer and social entrepreneur. She runs two starts ups: Vive.Work – a career transition and benefits business and ViewVo – a website where people who want to explore different careers get to shadow experts doing them.

Roxana Cardos, Sponsors Lead

Roxana is a Business Psychologist and a strong believer in Positive Psychology. She is passionate about making an impact in her community and it’s her second time volunteering for the ABP Conference. Her friends call her a “professional volunteer” as you’re always going to find her using her voice to help a cause. She started her career at IBM Kenexa, then moved on to pursue her MSc at UCL in Industrial/Organisational Business Psychology. Since then, Roxana worked in large corporations such as UBS, RWE and FTI, focusing on getting a full breadth and depth of experience in her field. Roxana currently works as an Assessment Consultant at Cappfinity and she has recently completed her Executive Coaching Qualification. Her motto in life is: “Do things with passion or not at all”.

Hardeep Virdi, Sponsors Team

Hardeep is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist & MCIPD qualified, specialising in Leadership Development, Talent Development, Executive Coaching and Organisational Development. Starting her career in consulting at Ford Motor Company, she has specialised in working internally within organisations (HSBC, Robert Walters Group), leading teams to design and deliver the People agenda, drive change and increase organisational success. Currently, Hardeep is Group Head of Talent & Development for ICG Asset Management, focusing on establishing the Talent Development strategy and offering as the organisation rapidly grows. Hardeep has recently joined the ABP and is enjoying volunteering in the sponsorship space and connecting with like-minded professionals.

James Pollard, Awards Lead

James worked in International Development for six years before moving into Employee Engagement and Organisational Culture. He has worked with organisations across the world to improve their employee proposition and create better working environments for employees. He went on to study for an MSc in Industrial/Organisational Business Psychology at UCL and now heads up the Data Insights team at a technology company that focuses on providing financial education to people when they need it most. He has been volunteering with the ABP for a couple of years where he has worked on projects analysing the relationships between events and membership.

Diana Hogbin-Mills, Awards Team

Diana is a Culture Change Consultant and Behavioural Change Coach helping organisations, teams and individuals to rethink their habits. She has 20 years’ experience working on leadership development and culture change programmes, often in highly complex or technical businesses, backed up by a degree in psychology, training in executive and team coaching and a passion for solving problems by thinking about the system. This is her first-year volunteering and she is working with James to bring you the best submissions for the Workplace Excellence Awards.

Sami Rahman, Marketing Lead

Sami is a Statistical & Computing Psychologist who holds a BSc in “Psychology” from University of West London (2016) and an MSc in “Countering Organised Crime & Terrorism” from University College London (2017). He is also currently reading an MSc in “Computer Science with Data Analytics” at University of York. Sami started his career in Business Psychology in psychometrics then worked as a Data Scientist in Machine Learning, Econometrics, Psychometrics, and Cloud Engineering. He currently is an Associate Vice President, Data and Machine Learning Services Manager at a Big 4 Bank. He is passionate about the intersection of machine learning with psychology and how computational psychology will evolve how we do business and much more. He loves volunteering for the ABP as he gets to meet many like-minded Psychologists.

Nelson Furtado, Marketing Team

Nelson works as a Business Psychologist at a talent strategy consultancy and spends his time focused on psychometric assessment design & administration and data analysis. He previously worked in the area of higher education policy and administration, specialising in issues such as talent mobility, and university performance evaluation and management (e.g., university league tables). Nelson holds an MSc in Social Cognition from UCL (2017). This is his second year volunteering with the ABP; he remains eager to connect with and learn from members leading up to and at the conference.

Emma Jennings, Speakers Lead

Emma is a Business Consultant. She has over 20 years experience working in the utility sector, ranging from strategic planning to leading operational activties and completed her Masters In organisational behaviour at Birkbeck University. Over the last few years she has developed employee engagement approaches and delivered organisational change supporting operational teams work towards the company’s vision. Currently she is supporting an organisation deliver their COVID safety response. This is Emma’s second year on the conference committe and speakers team and loves learning about the various business pschology topics.

Flandra Abdullahu, Speakers Team

Flandra is a recent MSc Organisational Psychology graduate from City University of London. This is her first year volunteering for the ABP after attending the 2019 conference and she loves it! Flandra enjoys being involved in different projects due to the variety, breadth and depth it brings. She is interested in using psychology and behaviour science to help make people’s lives better, and make organisations more effective.

Uzma Afridi, Delegates’ Experience Lead

Uzma is a Business Psychologist and Coach and has been a volunteer for the ABP since 2010, working on the conference team, co-edited Psychology in Action – published by the ABP and went on to become a Board member, where she has most recently taken on the role of Head of Member Engagement. She started her career at working in HR for and went on to retrain as a Business Psychologist and Coach. Having worked for large and small organisations, consultancy side and independently, Uzma believes in making a positive change in the workplace through the understanding and application of psychology. She is a strong advocate for equality and wellbeing within the workplace and is driven to support individuals at all levels reach their potential and career aspirations.

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