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Awards FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question for us that the previous pages haven’t covered yet? Check out the FAQs below.

What is Business Psychology?

Business Psychology is the study and practice of improving working life.  It combines an understanding of the science of human behaviour with experience of the world of work, to attain effective and sustainable performance for both individuals and organisations.

Will larger, more expensive projects have an advantage?

No. A core value of the ABP is inclusion.  We are keen to encourage a diverse range of projects – both large and small – to be entered every year. What matters is that the project demonstrably applied business psychology to attain effective and sustainable performance for both individuals and organisations.

Will charges apply to submissions?

No. Again, in the spirit of inclusion and to encourage as wide a range of participants as possible to get involved in entering award submissions, we will not be charging a submission fee.

Charges will apply to the Workforce Experience Awards Conference and Gala Dinner however.  If you wish to attend either or both of the events you will need to book and pay in the normal way.

Will submission content be confidential?

Thanks to the collaborative spirit of our Founding Members, the Association has long held a reputation for openness amongst its members.  Our events and our members’ interactions typically represent genuine knowledge-sharing in the interest of furthering the study and practice of Business Psychology.  The Association’s Awards Programme seeks to build on this tradition directly.  The Awards Programme provides an auspicious platform for recording and sharing excellent practice in Business Psychology, and disseminating leading practitioners’ knowledge and experience.  It will also create visibility for the practice of Business Psychology, for the benefit of the Association and all organisations working in this field.

For this reason, in the spirit of celebrating and publicising best practice in Business Psychology, the ABP reserve the right to use information contained in short-listed entries (apart from contact details).

Submissions will not be considered confidential or copyright, or to contain confidential or sensitive information, unless explicitly marked “not for publication” by the entrant.  In making a submission, please consider seriously the necessity of including sensitive or confidential information and avoid doing so if possible. If it is not possible for you to make your submission without including confidential, sensitive or copyright information, you are asked to identify explicitly in the submission which parts of the content are not for publication (for example, a client’s name or financial performance information).  And you are asked to provide a second version of the submission, with the “not for publication” content removed so that it is appropriate for publication.

We will not however publish the names of companies, organisations or individuals that have not been shortlisted for an Award, nor will we reproduce any information from those entries. Therefore if you enter the Workforce Experience Awards, but are not successful, this will remain confidential.

Note: All submissions are accepted under the Terms of Participation published for the Awards Programme.  The ABP makes no claim of Intellectual Property rights over the content of any submission, simply right to reproduce it in whole or in part, with additions, deletions or substitutions, for the purposes of the ABP.

Can I get involved without writing a submission for any category?

Yes.  We want to share the information gathered through the Workforce Experience Awards Programme with as many people as possible so we will be publicising submissions on our website and directly to our membership.  We are hosting the Annual ABP Conference which will combine the conference and awards over two days in October. Therefore, you will be able to watch the announcements of the Final Workforce Experience Awards of “Excellence” for each category at the gala dinner on the Thursday.

How will the Workforce Experience Awards be judged?

It is a bold statement to make, that the Workforce Experience Awards Programme will serve to define Excellence in Business Psychology and Workforce Experience, and not one we take lightly.  We have convened a panel of highly regarded, impartial and extremely well-qualified Psychologists and business professionals, from the public and private sectors, to judge the Awards submissions.

Evaluation of submissions and the selection of winners will take into consideration the effectiveness and sustainability of the outcomes achieved.  In this way we’ll ensure that credible, practical and objective decisions are made.

What is the judging process?

Each entry will receive an initial ranking based on scores attached to the summarised portions of the submission. Then the top-scoring entries in each category are evaluated in greater depth and again ranked.  At this point the short-list of submissions to each category will be identified.

The judges will use the published criteria to create an additional rating of each short-listed submission.

The judges will then submit their individual scores to the Convening Judge for collation and a shortlist will be created from which winners will be selected.

Each Award winner and runners-up submissions will be decided by consensus among the judges. Judging will be based on the strength of the submissions and according to the Award key criteria. The judges’ decision is final and neither the organisers nor the judging panel will enter into any correspondence about the results.

Final Workforce Experience Awards of “Excellence” in each category will be announced at the ABP Conference Gala Dinner.

Where can I get more information?

You can contact the ABP during office hours on telephone: +44(0)1787 211 294, or email

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