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Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos

Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos

Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos is a Consumer and Business Psychologist at University College London (UCL). His research, teaching and consultancy work specialize in Business, Consumer/Branding and Occupational Psychology. At UCL Dr Tsivrikos is the director of the MSc in Industrial, Organisational and Business Psychology. 

Throughout his academic career he has held a number of international research fellowships, and has published widely on psychology and business oriented subjects, and articles in various periodicals and general interest journals. 

He is a leading commentator on consumer behaviour/psychology and a frequent guest on the BBC, as well as acting as a scientific consultant in various periodicals such as Sunday Times, Esquire, and The Guardian.


Session Synopsis

As we are experiencing an array of socio-cultural changes across human rights movements, politics and the healthcare sector, there has never been a better time to explore the public’s psychological states and mood. Consumer Behaviour is the very field that empowers us to take a deep dive across the public’s psychological pulse, since our own market behaviour is a proxy for a number of key decisions that we all take in an attempt to navigate our private and corporate lives. Dr Tsivrikos’ talk will explore how we can use the field of consumer psychology as tool for in-depth analysis of the current socio-political challenges, as well as how we can translate the current trends into interventions that will drive the public to thrive in all their endeavours. The overall talk will summarise key insights into three main routes that the audience can easily apply when developing their understanding of human behaviour.

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